The Trippy Stix® - USC Burgundy Edition

 The Trippy Stix® is the purest way to vaporize what you want... when you want.

The way “The Trippy Stix” works is real simple, you pull off your “Trippy Tip” and insert what you are vaporizing into the “Vapor Chamber” place the “Trippy Tip” back on to the “Vapor Chamber” press the button and enjoy the magic!

There is a locking mechanism on “The Trippy Stix” to prevent any unwanted vaporizing.  You also get 800 puffs off of a full charge, so if you’re a real hard hitter we can say 400 puffs.


The Trippy Stix® USC Burgundy Kit includes:  
1.    Two Trippy Tips
2.    Vapor Chamber 
3.    The Activator 
4.    USB Charger


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