2.0 Titanium V2 Vaporizer - Seahawk Tri-Color Edition

The Seahawk Tri-Color Edition is a pattern we've wanted to do for a while.  This model was put together by our dope Trippy Graphics Team as a #TrippySalute to all of our #Trippy supporters.

The Seahawk Tri-Color Edition features our titanium 2.0 V2 vapor chamber.  We redesigned the original 2.0 chamber based on user feedback.  The V2 vapor chamber has better airflow for bigger pulls, a larger titanium bowl and a chrome metal tip for a super sanitary intake.  If you want a discrete, sanitary way to vaporize concentrates on the go, look no further than The Trippy Stix® Titanium Vaporizer - Seahawk Tri-Color Edition

The Seahawk Tri-Color Edition Includes:

1 x Titanium 2.0 V2 Vapor Chamber
2 x Chrome Tips
1 x Activator (battery)
1 x USB Charging Cable

Compatible with:


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