Customer Service


Our goal at Pure Epic is your total satisfaction. All of our parts are manufactured with the highest standards and are checked for quality and tested at the factory or by our quality control staff before they are   shipped to you. However, due to certain legal and health restrictions, we cannot provide customers with money-back or cash refunds on purchased items. For consideration of a replacement or store credit, Pure Epic customers have seven (7) days from the in-store purchase date or online purchase shipment date to return products that have failed, malfunctioned, or are otherwise defective, except for certain product components (see **Restrictions below). Please thoroughly inspect and test all Trippy Stix components immediately upon receiving it and let us know if something is not working properly. Defective claims must be returned to Pure Epic, as discussed below, at the expense of the buyer via USPS (with delivery confirmation). All returned items must be empty and must include the original packaging complete with all components including the owner's manual and show no signs of wear or abuse; otherwise the return will either be refused or subject to a 15% restocking fee. We highly suggest repackaging the defective product using packing material that is sufficient to prevent further damage (e.g. a small box and bubble wrap). Upon receiving the items, Pure Epic's quality control staff will inspect the product for defects. If we find there is a true defect, we will provide the customer with a store credit or a replacement, at our discretion, and ship at our cost if shipping is required. We do not replace entire kits, only individual defective part(s).



** Restrictions: Due to the normal usage and limited life expectancy of "Vapor Chambers" they are only warranted to not be DOA (Dead On Arrival). If you receive a Vapor Chamber that is DOA, Pure Epic must receive an email from you within 48 hours of delivery in order to be considered for a store credit or replacement.







We have several informational blogs (Trippy Stix Blog and Customer's Blog) as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posted on our website for customer use. Perhaps there is already a solution to the problem you are having. Make sure you are not doing something incorrectly before you return your product. 





Email the following information to or simply use the form in our “Contact Us” section above. Either way, customers must COPY & PASTE the following information INTO the your email or into the “Message” section under “Contact Us” (above) . Then make sure you COMPLETE all the information so we know who you ar, where/when you purchased The Trippy Stix, and the reason(s) you are making a return.


     COPY & PASTE, and COMPLETE the following:



       Name: (enter your first and last name here)

       Address: (enter your mailing address here)

       Email: (enter your email address here)
       Order #: (enter your order # here, if you have it)

       Purchase Location: (give us the name of the store or state “online”)

       Problem: (state reasons for return. please be specific as possible)



All returned products must mailed to the following location, and must include the original packaging complete with all components, as discussed above. Products will need to be returned at the expense of the buyer via USPS (with delivery confirmation). Take care to repackage the defective product in a manner as to not damage further. We highly suggest using packing material that is sufficient to prevent further damage (e.g. a small box and bubble wrap). If you purchased the product at a store location, please include the receipt. 


     Mail the product to the following address:


      P.O. BOX 280455

      San Francisco, CA  94128-0455





Customers should be aware that our rechargeable electronic Activator and Vapor Chambers are manufactured to the highest quality, however these products may fail or degrade over time especially if under constant use. The life of these electronic consumables varies from person to person, depending on the use and habits of the individual user. Most users purchase extra or "spare" electronic Activators and Vapor Chambers when they place their order. The Trippy Stix electronic Vaporizers contain lithium ion batteries, electronic circuitry and microprocessors. Electronic Vaporizers should be stored and handled with care to extend their lifespan. Damage may occur if the battery is not charged properly or is used after the battery flashes, dropped, placed near magnets or electronic transmitting devices such as "cell phones and/or electronic keys" or is subjected to humidity, water and temperature extremes. 


Pure Epic does not accept liability beyond the remedies set forth herein, and cannot be responsible for inappropriate use such as: dry burning, use on high voltage units, usage on batteries or devices not sold by Pure Epic, and not insuring the Vapor Chamber is kept well maintained at all times, etc. Please note the average lifespan of an Vapor Chamber is around 14-45 days and a Activator can be up to 90 days dependent on its care and how they are used and maintained. For maximum performance we recommend the purchase of new Vapor Chambers every 30 days. Procedures must be followed to prevent malfunction and damage of the product, as discussed in the User Manual (provided with the product).