Micro Trippy™ Vaporizer Kit 100 (White)

Introducing the world's smallest 100% ceramic vaporizer. Our goal with the Micro Trippy™ Vaporizer was to bring convenience, discretion, and power to the palm of your hand.  We delivered.

The Micro Trippy™ chambers are detachable and refillable so you can vape your favorite oils wherever and whenever you want. The Micro Trippy™ Kit comes with 2 activators and 2 refillable chambers inside a compact, self-charging carrying case. The Micro Trippy™ self-charging case, with the new quick recharge feature, fully charges both activators in under one hour (80% charge in 25 minutes)

 The Trippy Stix® Micro Trippy™ Vaporizer Kit Includes:

2 x 100 mAh Activators
2 x Refillable Clearomizer Chambers
1 x Compact Self-Charging Case
1 x  Micro USB Charging Cable


Compatible with:

e-Liquids, Oils

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