2.0 Titanium V2 Vaporizer - Pink & Gold Edition

The Pink and Gold Edition is a beautiful pattern in bright pink with gold accents.

The Pink and Gold Edition features our Titanium 2.0 V2 Vapor Chamber.  We redesigned the original 2.0 chamber based on user feedback.  The V2 vapor chamber has better airflow for bigger pulls, a larger titanium bowl and a chrome metal tip for a super sanitary intake.  If you want a discrete, sanitary way to vaporize concentrates on the go, look no further than The Trippy Stix® 2.0 Titanium V2 Vaporizer - Pink and Gold Edition

The Pink and Gold Edition Includes:

        1 x Titanium 2.0 V2 Vapor Chamber
        2 x Gold Colored Tips
        1 x Activator (battery)
        1 x USB Charging Cable

Compatible with:

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