@mscannabisanalyst reviews the 3.0 Ceramic and Quartz Vaporizer

by Trippy Planet November 30, 2016

A huge shoutout to @mscannabisanalyst who posted the following review on her Instagram feed, "I want to start off with my newest addition, the Trippy Stix that I purchased @blumlv I have had other vaporizer pens but I have to say this one is the best. It comes with 2 cartridge replacements, 3 mouth pieces, and to top it off you just have to unscrew the bottom part of the pen and it has the charger adapter. It is mess free and feels very pure. Giving you the best, cleanest hits. There are different colors on the website as well, but I found the black and gold looked the fanciest."

Trippy Planet
Trippy Planet


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